Marketing tips to drive revenue during COVID-19: A guide for restaurant

Jan 14, 2021
One Corner online order management system assisting restaurant in COVID-19.

With the advent of COVID 19, a huge percentage of the restaurant industry are now solely dependent on pickup and delivery.  With these changes, a shift in marketing strategy is needed.  Restaurateurs must find creative ways to promote pickup and delivery so that there is a proper flow of orders.

To begin with

  1.     Communicate that you’re taking orders

Communication is key to reach out to your customer. If a customer presumes that your restaurant is closed, how will the order flow?

Go overboard, use all the social media platforms ( facebook, instagram, tiktok..) , emails, website and inform that you’re open for pickup and delivery. Update your service hours, menus, your services (pick up, delivery, and contactless dine-in), delivery platforms in Google my business account.

Communicate how every order is helping you keep your business up and running, safety measures your restaurant is practicing.

Engage your customers

  1.     Ask what customer want to eat

Keeping a limited menu helps save plenty of operational cost. Ask your customers what they would like in the new menu through social media stories. Study your sales data: what’s the most ordered food by service hours, most popular beverage and make sure you’re cooking all the dishes that your customers are craving.


  1. Take them behind the scenes: Teach how to prepare some of  customers favorite dishes from your restaurant

Keeping your customer engaged by giving recipes of their most loved foods from your restaurant can be a good idea. “Craving for our spaghetti Bolognese- learn to prepare it with us and if you aren’t up for cooking just order from us.”

 Restaurant preparing food

  1.   Promote Gift cards

 Another easy way to keep your customers engaged is by providing them with gift cards. Encourage customers to purchase gift cards from future dine-ins, holidays, birthdays. They love to support you.

Make them want to come back again and again 

Gift Card for restaurant

  1. Acknowledge them

Show them that you are thankful. Include them in your social media through stories and posts. Or you can even go hyper personalized and send them email, card or a call. Whichever medium you prepare , communicate that you’re thankful for the business.

Thank you note from restaurant

  1. Loyalty points

Although restaurant loyalty programs are not a new concept. But many restaurants still seem to ignore this. Research suggests that 57% of customers prefer restaurants that have loyalty programs. Not only loyalty programmes increase customer loyalty towards a restaurant but also increase sales. You can try - 

-Point based loyalty 

 -refer a friend 

-membership loyalty 

Whichever you prefer make sure it is easy to understand i.e. what is the reward and how to redeem it. 

Always stay updated

Stay updated about global pandemic, governments new updates about global pandemic. Read news, blogs, Here are top resources

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